Friday, 15 June 2018

Wheelys cafe - coffee like you never tasted before.

So I visited the place today while shopping around in the mall and it was hell worth it. At Wheelys Cafe, they serve only organic coffee. The fresh roasted Organic Coffee Beans are made from sustainable farming to give you the healthiest coffee experience possible! It's really a great treat for fitness freaks and diet conscious lads.

We started our food journey with caremelized cappuccino and strawberry crème (their newly introduced summer cooler). The coffee was quite good and light yet strong. Strawberry crème is a gift for all the sweet chilled beverage lovers. Lots of whipped cream, coloured sprinkles, choco chips, blueberries and cherries in perfectly thick shake. 

Going on to the next part, we were served with veg paneer momos. The suprise here was that they were made of whole wheat flour and the stuffing was just so delectable. They were crispy and mashed with cheesy Mexicana sauce topped with raw capsicum pieces. You'd never get over it. The veg Makhani pasta that we had next was not much in quantity but the quality was upto the mark, served with mint leaves on top, it is prepared with parsley sauce (indeed a unique way).

The wicked brownie in the end was heavenly. Such light (butter bread) brownie with walnuts in there, whipped cream, chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream along. I personally loved it. It was not too sweet yet addictive.

 Only 8-10 people can sit around at a time. It's indeed an underrated place tho! You gotta visit it next time you go to the mall. You can have a quick bite and enjoy yourself here.

Otherwise the service, the food and the aura is amazing of the place. Cheers to the team. XX

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